Myth busting

And Poof, just like that, President Andrew Jackson:

  • is not my ancestor,
  • and his so-called illegitimate child is actually the son of his now biological and not adoptive father.

Follow me?

DNA is a cool little thing.  I found a person I share DNA with, and the only person we have in common on our ancestry tree is Peter Ingle, thought to be Andrew Jackson Ingle’s adoptive father.  I am very confused when it comes to understanding DNA results (I don’t understand how I can carry only 7% of “French DNA markers”), but I believe that “proves” that Peter and Andrew Jackson are blood related, probably father and son.

That is, unless there is a mistake on either of our trees.  But I will stick to that version until I find another clue. 

Genealogy is detective work for dead people!

Move over Trump

It’s been a very interesting few weeks when it comes to genealogy. 

  • I got to meet a long-lost cousin;
  • I went to Georgia and visited an ancestor’s home;
  • I am chatting with the descendant of slaves owned by my ancestors in the last century;
  • and I am moving into the White house.

Wait… What?

Yes, I am a descendant of Andrew Jackson.  President #7.  The brains behind the Trail of Tears.  Slave owner.  Overall not a very nice guy according to his biographers.  On a trip down to Florida, he would have frolicked with Great Grandma, got her into trouble, and took off.  After she died, her parents wanted nothing to do with “Junior”.  So they handed him off to their close friends, the Ingles.  Junior had kids, who had kids, and several generations later, here I am. 

I spent an entire day trying to verify this. It’s a story that you find all over the internet.  There is even a guy who claims (with no photographic proof) that the lineage is written on a tombstone.

I have a DNA match to “Junior” but I am not sure where to go from there.  Historians obviously deny the story.  To make matters more complicated, Andrew Jackson had no known biological kids of his own.  I am not sure how to go from here, so I am going to “cheat”.  I am going to track down, legally, through genealogy, the brothers and sisters of the president, and their descendants. 

If I do at some point get a DNA match, then we’ll have a party in the Rose Garden!