Myth busting

And Poof, just like that, President Andrew Jackson:

  • is not my ancestor,
  • and his so-called illegitimate child is actually the son of his now biological and not adoptive father.

Follow me?

DNA is a cool little thing.  I found a person I share DNA with, and the only person we have in common on our ancestry tree is Peter Ingle, thought to be Andrew Jackson Ingle’s adoptive father.  I am very confused when it comes to understanding DNA results (I don’t understand how I can carry only 7% of “French DNA markers”), but I believe that “proves” that Peter and Andrew Jackson are blood related, probably father and son.

That is, unless there is a mistake on either of our trees.  But I will stick to that version until I find another clue. 

Genealogy is detective work for dead people!

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