Elizabeth who?

This is becoming a little repetitive. How many James Averys does one family tree need? And Joseph Morgans? And Elizabeths? I already have 21 women direct ancestors named Elizabeth.

And inter-family marriages? Your wife dies a week after giving birth and you marry her sister that same year? Hew…. And multiple marriages: how many times do you need to get married? The most popular spouse I found was married five times.

It’s also interesting to see the number of applications for membership into the Sons (and Daughters) of the Revolution. If my records are correct, I am pretty sure I would qualify. Someone explains what are the benefits and I may consider it.  One grandpa fought in the Battle of Long Island and the Battle of White Plains. I haven’t found anyone killed in battle yet, though one ancestor received a pension for being wounded as a soldier during the Civil War. 

In conclusion, it’s a bit of a mess. I tried to only record data when I could find specific documents to back it. That works fine when there is Federal Census data, but before that time, I admit I rely on the work of other people on the website.

I am a lazy princess!



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